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RockWell Partners


Plans: Up to 3.5% daily until you withdraw

Min/Max: $20/$No Limit
Referral: 10%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $75.00 Payment Ratio: 91%
Last Paid: Apr-15,2014
Added: Mar 9th, 2014
Monitored: 39 days
Lifetime: 39 days

The Forex Exchange market has become an up and coming method of financial trading. As an innovator and initiator in the online foreign exchange business, Rockwell Partners S.A. is a mover and a shaker and on the forefront of the online trading market. Our company is registered as an offshore entity since 2011 and located in the Republic of Costa Rica. Our team is led by a staff of trained and highly knowledgable financial experts in the Forex field.

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Plans: 1,2% for 14 calendar days, 1,7% for 28 calendar days, 2,4% for 35 calendar days, 1,9% for 56 calendar days, 2,2% for 70 calendar days, 2,8% for 70 calendar days, 3,6% for 70 calendar days.

Min/Max: $10.00/$50000
Referral: 5%%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $50.00 Payment Ratio: 2%
Last Paid: Apr-09,2014
Added: Apr 4th, 2014
Monitored: 13 days
Lifetime: 13 days

Avanta Union is a private investment company that was founded in November of 2009. By the end of 2010 the already formed group of traders and analysts in financial markets was working mainly with the company accounts and day by day was showing better income results. After the formation of the team which was continuously bringing profit to the company was finalized, a decision was made to start receiving funds from private investors.

PerfectMoney EgoPay Payeer

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Plans: 8%-8.6% daily for 15 days

Min/Max: $20/$10900
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Instant
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $20.00 Payment Ratio: 127% in profit
Last Paid: Apr-08,2014
Added: Mar 20th, 2014
Monitored: 28 days
Lifetime: 28 days

We do not promise incredible amounts of money, neither do we tell the tall tales about earning millions a month - we simply provide the possibility of generating a guaranteed steady income from the real source, the amount of which will depend on the size of your deposit. Our interest rates are aimed primarily at the dynamics of investment and stability. Offering high daily interest we gain potential investors’ interest while short term deposit rates create great setting for company’s stable growth. Possessing professional tools for development and team building our investors can learn, be active and yield high profits without spending hundreds of hours on trainings and keeping their funds secured from losses and risks.

PerfectMoney EgoPay BitCoin



Plans: 01st day to 20th day 20 days 200% ROI 21th day to 45th day 25 days 180% ROI 46th day to 75th day 30 days 160% ROI 76th day and on - 30/35 days 140% ROI

Min/Max: $5/$No Limit
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $10.00 Payment Ratio: 110% in profit
Last Paid: Apr-01,2014
Added: Mar 12th, 2014
Monitored: 36 days
Lifetime: 36 days

Positions will cycle at 10% daily for 10 days. The remaining percentage will be cycled on the mature date. Example: If you have positions with 20 mature days and a 200% mature rate, your positions will cycle at 10% ($0.50) daily for 10 days. On the 20th day, your positions will be cycled and earn the remaining 100% commission. Question: How does the Twentyby20 pay plan work? Answers: Twentyby20 pay plan offers the same earning plan to everyone regardless of when you started. The pay plan is designed to offer both great earnings and program longevity. No sponsoring is required to earn. We offer a generous 2 level referral commission. You earn 5% direct referral commission for each member that you refered. You also earn 3% indrect referral commission from the referrals of your direct referrals.


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